'bout time, eh? - September 10, 05 04:24 PM

I apologize profusely for the wait.
This one has no title.
You'll see why...

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The 411 - May 10, 05 07:26 PM

Hey hey! Finally an update, eh?
Again I apologize for the sporadic publishing schedule of late, but I've had so much to do it's just been unavoidable. I also apologize for the quick color and lettering job I did on this one. But it works well enough. I just needed to get this one online. It's the end of the first act and... yeah... a good stopping place. *sheepish look*

We're about to move back to the U.S. whic, as you can imagine is a lot of work and stress and, in addition, I've got lots of other work to keep me swamped so I'm going to have to put Katie on hiatus until maybe say mid to late July.

If you want to know the next time the site or news is updated (I have a slew of fan art to post, for instance) and you use an RSS reader, you can syndicate this news section by using this address:

Thanks for reading and thanks for your patience! See you soon. K? And don't be shy, email me!
And remember, Dig loves you. :)

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And now, a bribe. - April 14, 05 02:22 AM

I wish I was posting to say the next Katie installment is done . But I'm not (but it is mostly penciled). :/

But, in an attempt to assuage my guilty conscience, I'd like to offer you all a bribe! If you'll forgive me, I'll give you a look at one of the things that's been taking me away from Katie recently. Deal?

So, here it is. A short sneak peek at an upcoming book/series I have in the works.
Lense of Bast: "A Cat Named Max"
(Any Australians who plan to buy the Pirates anthology and don't want to spoil it, as this story will be in it, please don't click! hehe)


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Hooboy - March 21, 05 09:50 PM

I'm sorry for keeping you all in the dark. The latest installment is up and I promise I'll update the news here regarding the next installment. I can tell you now that it will be late, but I'll do my best to get it done ASAP.

Thanks for reading! I'll make it worth your while. Promise. :)

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Happy Valentine's Day! - February 14, 05 06:36 PM

Happy Valentine's Day to you all. And especially to my wonderful wife who puts up with me and loves me even when I've got my head buried at my desk. I love you, sweety. <3

New installment is up!

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